Unified inbox


Afian allows you to combine messages from multiple email accounts from one or different email providers into one Inbox. Examples of popular web based email sites we support: Yahoo, GMail, AOL, etc..

Accelerate your customer service


Send faster, better responses to your customers. Spend less time answering email, and make sure every email is answered the right way, every time.

Handle tons of email


Respond to each customer accurately and quickly, no matter how full your mailbox is. Centralized, organized email handling is the secret to customer service success.

Know your customer's history


Every communication with every customer is at your fingertips. Having a detailed conversation history lets you see what the customer has emailed about in the past and address their concerns quickly and effectively.

Team Collaboration


Improve communication between departments, and get customers the help they need. Fast.

Powerful email metrics


Get unprecedented insight into your customer service work flow. Get ready to brag about (or correct!) your service quality.

Afian provides the best way of using e-mail as a customer support platform!

Check out the features and see what makes it special.

Seamless transition

As no messages are deleted from the server, Afian can be used in parallel with any other e-mail programs, such as desktop e-mail clients, or mobile phone e-mail. Switching to Afian can be made gradually and with no down-time.

Log on from anywhere

Since Afian is Web-based, you have full access to all your email, no matter where you are. No need to install applications or enlist your IT guy to get started. Just open a browser, log on, and get to work.